Pink Rose Petal Optifine Powder

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Rosa centifolia

  1. #Properties#

    Properties of Rosa centifolia

    Rosa centifolia L. rose is a species of the Rosaceae family between conifer and leafy and is a complex hybrid rose. Its name "One hundred leaves" evokes the large number of petals of its flowers.

    Thesemostly pink petals have a mild, sweet scent and were imported to Europe for ornamental purposes. Today, the rose is used in the composition of cosmetic oils and its essence is commonly used in perfumery. Its scents transport the consumer on an authentic sensory journey with oriental notes.

    In the agro food industry’s products from rosa centifolia are used to flavour preparations or used as a natural colouring. For this purpose, Natural Origins has developed Rosa centifolia powder for your applications.

    Our choice of sourcing for this precious ingredient brings us to a garden in Iran, in a preserved and secret area. Our raw material Rosa centifolia L. indeed grows in the mountainous regions of the eastern province of Fars, east of Darab County.

    This flower, locally known as "Talooneh", is grown around the small village of Layzangan, literally meaning "between the stones", in a vast protected area.

    Our private pickers, men and women from neighboring towns, sort and clean the flowers on site, then dry them in the middle of nature on cloth. Our ingredients are then brought to the village. Thanks to this artisanal harvest from a rare supply chain, the place remains preserved and, at the start of each spring, the mountain snow gives way to a fragrant carpet of pink flowers.

    These crops have considerably improved the standard of living of the inhabitants of the village, who were very poor when our partner of Layzangan discovered it 40 years ago.
  2. #Species and parts used#

    Species and parts of Rosa centifolia used

    From the flowers of the Rosa centifolia L. species, we have developed a dispersible in liquids powder of petals in order to facilitate the realisation of your applications. These petals are also available in whole form to be used in macerates, distillates or to be incorporated into your products.
  3. #Quality#

    Quality of the Rosa centifolia

    This pink flower, whose scent is both soft and sweet, brings a delicate and refined touch to your formulations. Indeed, our Optifine® technology allows you to easily integrate rose petal powder into your liquid or semi-liquid galenics (jams, spirits, smoothies, etc.).
  4. #Country of origin#

    Country of origin of the rosa centifolia

    Our roses are grown in the eastern province of Fars in Iran.
  5. #Harvest period#

    Rosa centifolia harvest time

    Our roses, which are not climbing, are harvested annually from April to June.
  6. #Optimal availability period at Natural Origins#

    Optimal availability period of Rosa centifolia at Natural Origins