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Illicium Verum Hook. F.

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  1. #Properties#

    Properties of star anise

    The star anise is a tree of the Illiciaceae family cultivated in different regions of Asia, particularly in China. Its bark is sometimes used as a natural remedy. Its fruit, commonly called star anise  presents has many advantages. In addition to its licorice taste based on to anethole, its main active ingredient contained in its essential oil. Each branch of star anise contains a brown seed in a spicy aromatic coat.

    Long used in traditional Chinese medicine for pain relief (1), star anise has digestive, antiparasitic, antibacterial, antioxidant, antifungal and antipyretic properties. Illicium verum Hook. indeed has powerful antimicrobial properties based on to the anethole present in the dried fruit. Its characteristic shape, original flavour and digestive benefits make this botanical an ideal ingredient for the food and nutraceutical industries. It is used in the composition of herbal teas and the famous blend of five spices.

    The world production of star anise comes from 90% of China, however, the best star anise comes from a province in the North-East of Vietnam, a region which offers optimal conditions for the growth of the star anise. With its ideal climate, the province is also far from polluted areas and thus well preserved. In this region, an ancestral know-how of the cultivation of star anise continues. The star anise is indeed an authentic symbol in the North-East of Vietnam. Its culture brings together several generations of farmers. Moreover, the custom is to plant one or more star anise shrubs for births so that the sale of the fruit contributes to the education of  younger generations.

    In order to guarantee a qualitative star anise supply chain, Natural Origins has chosen to collaborate with a local partner in Vietnam, expert in the sourcing of conventional and organic botanical raw materials. This partnership has several advantages, including expertise in the field, close collaboration with farmers, a continually improving approach with a systematic physical control of all batches. It ensures supervision of logistics, optimal traceability, in search o personalised botanical solutions as well as support for supply chain marketing.

    (1) GW Wang , WT Hu , BK Huang , LP Qin
    Illicium verum : Une revue sur sa botanique, son utilisation traditionnelle, sa chimie et sa pharmacologie
    J d'Ethnopharmacol. , 13 ( 2011 ) , p. 10 - 20

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  2. #Parts used#

    Parts of star anise used

    At Natural origins, we use star anise fruit.

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  3. #Quality#

    Quality of star anise

    The origin of our sourcing in star anise constitutes a first guarantee of quality, however all the stages of the star anise supply chain are important: from the operating areas to the storage warehouses, several parameters are taken into account for the agro-food and nutraceutical industries.

    First of all, the long growing period of star anise: the harvest of the fruit should not take place before the tree is 15 years old at the risk of producing small size and lower quality star anise. Then, a healthy method of drying by forced hot air protects the batches from contaminants, in particular those generated by combustion fumes. Finally, storing away from light and humidity helps preserve the star anise both in storage and in transport.

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  4. #Country of origin#

    Country of origin of star anise

    Our star anise supply chain comes from Vietnam.

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  5. #Harvest period#

    Harvest period of star anise

    At Natural Origins, the star anise harvest is spread over several months: April, May, September and October.

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  6. #Optimal availability period at Natural Origins#

    Optimal availability period for star anise at Natural Origins

    January / May.

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