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We offer a range of over 450 raw botanicals.

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An essential range of standardised botanical powders.

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Botanical extractions are developed by our Botanical Studio.

Together with our experts, you’ll source and choose the phytoactive profile you’d like to offer your consumer, and we’ll prepare them from our quality raw materials.

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We’ve built lasting relationships with leading apiaries to deliver only the purest quality products.

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Discover our finest selection of herbal tea for a great sensory experience.

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large organic range

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about our natural ingredients

Natural Origins is a herbs supplier with more than 25 years of experience. We gained our reputation as trusted herbal supplier by bringing our clients a unique botanical expertise.

Our experts teams continuously travel the globe in search of the highest quality raw materials. We stock more than 450 raw materials ready to dispatch.

On you will find a comprehensive range of wholesale herbs as well as high quality natural ingredients. Our raw materials are available as raw, powder, extracts and cut.

Thriving to offer you provide the best natural ingredients on the market, we provide the widest range of certified organic herbs.

We value fair working conditions and ensure our sources are certified as fair trade. We are able to provide you trusted documents on the traceability of our raw materials.

We are proud of our customer service and develop alongside with our clients quality botanical solutions adapted to their specific needs. Please contact us and tell us about your needs for specific herbal products. We will get back to you with a bespoke quote.