Organic Red Grape Vine Leaf Powder 300µm Heat Treated 0.4% Polyphenols

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Vitis Vinifera L.

  1. #Properties#

    Properties of red grape vine

    Belonging to the Vitaceae family, the red vine Vitis vinifera L. is a climbing shrub that was already cultivated in Antiquity for its medicinal properties. Originally from Asia Minor, this plant was introduced into the Mediterranean regions by the Phocaeans. The Romans cultivated it for its grapes and to produce wine, an age-old drink. Gift of the Gods for the Greeks, wine was recommended by Hippocrates to cure many illnesses. Preparations based on red vine were thus developed to treat dysentery but also varicose veins. It was not until the 17th century that the use of red vine leaves in infusions appeared to reduce the feeling of heavy legs and improve blood circulation.

    This plant is sometimes called dyers vine or grape vine. We find the mention of the red vine Vitis vinifera L. in several ancient medical treatises and botanical works. The presence of natural pigments in its leaves, which are tinted red in autumn, is indeed a source of strong active ingredients. These promote the protection and tone of blood vessels[1].

    The red vine is used nowadays in herbal medicine to fight against circulatory problems, treat venous insufficiency[2], the feeling of heavy legs and edemas. It helps to improve the resistance of blood vessels and reduce their permeability. These benefits with veinotonic, angioprotective and anti-oedematous[3] actions make grape vine an excellent health ingredient.

    The red colour of the leaves of Vitis vinifera L. is indeed a sign of an optimal content of active principles, in particular flavonoids[4]. Rutin, the pigment responsible for the colouring of the leaves, contributes to good circulatory comfort and thus relieves the feeling of heavy legs as well as for the whole venous circulation of the body. Like other bioflavonoids, rutin promotes the absorption of Vitamin C and therefore helps to preserve good vitality. These antioxidant compounds[5] contain quercetin, quercetol, kaempferol, anthocyanosides and proanthocyanidins, which also have venous and capillary tonic effects.

    Flavonoid derivatives, oligo-proanthocyanidin[6] tannins are also present in the vine seed envelope. The vine tannins, the proanthocyanidols, have astringent and diuretic virtues. In addition to their antioxidant capacity, certain polyphenols[7] of red vine such as quercetin are capable of reducing inflammatory reactions. They also have many protective effects, particularly in the fight against chronic venous insufficiency[8]. Resveratrol is the famous polyphenol contained in the red vine, in particular in the skin of the grape and rich in health benefits in particular for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

    Essential plant to fight against tingling, swelling and feeling of heavy legs, the red vine and its phytonutrients also relieve hemorrhoids. It is therefore recommended for prevention or support for good circulatory comfort. It is now found in different galenics: mother tincture, dry leaf powder, fresh plant extract or dry extract. Among these formulations, there are specific preparations including food supplements and red vine infusions.

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  2. #Species and parts used#

    Species and parts of red grape vine used

    At Natural Origins we only use the leaves of the plant.

    The red vine is a climbing shrub of variable size. Its stems are long, flexible and with tendrils. In spring, small flowers grow and form clusters which will then produce the grapes. The webbed and serrated leaves, dark green above and white under, develop in parallel. In autumn, the leaves of Vitis vinifera L. turn red.

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  3. #Origin & quality#

    Origin and quality of the red grape vine

    Natural Origins references for red vine are botanical ingredients sourced from Spain and French cultures. Most of it is processed locally, particularly in France in the heart of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. In order to offer you the best of nature, we offer you superior quality red vine leaves, from French and organic sourcing. These "made in France” ingredients come from a cooperative of producers established in the terroir of aromatic and medicinal plants. This collaboration with our local partners allows you to know the origin of your raw materials and to discover their history.

    Our growers determine the ideal time to harvest the leaves. These are picked manually, in autumn, after the harvest. Indeed, the highest content of active ingredients is reached when the leaf turns red, between the harvest period and leaf fall. These then dry naturally and are transformed into botanical ingredients in our factories in Lozanne and Soyons.

    Life Science & Nutrition
    - Organic Red Grape Vine Leaf Whole
    - Organic Red Grape Vine Leaf Cut
    - Organic Red Grape Vine Leaf PE 4-5/1
    - Organic Red Grape Vine Leaf Powder 300µm 0.4% Polyphenols
    - Organic Red Grape Vine Leaf Powder 300µm Heat Treated 0.4% Polyphenols

    Herbal & Teas
    - Organic Red Grape Vine Leaf Pyramid Cut 4-6 mm
    - Organic Red Grape Vine Leaf Loose Cut 4-10 mm

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  4. #Country of origin#

    Country of origin of Natural Origins' red grape vine

    Spain and France

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  5. #Harvest period#

    Red grape vine harvest time

    September to November

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  6. #Best availability period at Natural Origins#

    Period of red grape vine's optimal availability at Natural Origins


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