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Moringa Oleifera

  1. #Properties#

    Properties of moringa

    Moringa oleifera is a botanical native to India belonging to the Moringaceae family that grows in tropical and subtropical regions. Commonly known as the "tree of paradise" or "horseradish tree" this tree can withstand both severe drought and frost, so it is widely cultivated. The impressive nutritional value of the different parts of this botanical means that it meets a large part of our essential daily needs.

    Indeed, moringa leaves provide important minerals that are a good source of protein, vitamins, β-carotene, amino acids, and various phenolic compounds. This fabulous ingredient also has a rich and rare combination of zeatin, quercetin, β-sitosterol, caffeoylquinic acid and kaempferol (1). This versatile "miracle” tree is thus a valuable source for many medicinal uses and nutritional applications (2).

    In addition, highly valued, moringa beholds powerful water purification capacities. The different parts of this botanical are used for the treatment of different ailments in indigenous traditional medicine, especially in South Asia. Leaf extracts are notably used to treat malnutrition and increase breast milk in nursing mothers.

    Indeed, their properties act as cardiac and circulatory stimulants, can possess antitumour, antipyretic, antiepileptic, anti-inflammatory, antiulcer, antispasmodic, diuretic, antihypertensive, hypocholesterolemic and antioxidant properties (3). The phytochemical composition of moringa also displays antidiabetic, hepatoprotective, antibacterial and antifungal properties.

    Its nutritional benefits make moringa oleifera a rich natural treasure and an essential ingredient in the foods of tomorrow. This key ingredient thus perfectly integrates our Nutridense product range.

    In the form of leaf powder, moringa is suitable for all galenics (smoothies, desserts, sweet or savoury preparations, etc.), and provides 9 essential amino acids from its proteins as well as an exceptional content of vitamins E and K, calcium , iron and fibres.

    At a time when consumers are looking for botanical alternatives, balanced preparations and offering health benefits, moringa represents an innovative food conducive to many solutions for manufacturers.

    (1) ANWAR, Farooq, LATIF, Sajid, ASHRAF, Muhammad, et al. Moringa oleifera : une plante alimentaire aux multiples usages médicinaux. Phytotherapy Research : Une revue internationale consacrée à l'évaluation pharmacologique et toxicologique des dérivés de produits naturels , 2007, vol. 21, n° 1, p. 17-25.
    (2) ABDULL RAZIS, Ahmad Faizal, IBRAHIM, Muhammad Din, et KNTAYYA, Saie Brindha. Health benefits of Moringa oleifera. Asian pacific journal of cancer prevention, 2014, vol. 15, no 20, p. 8571-8576.
    (3) GOPALAKRISHNAN, Lakshmipriya, DORIYA, Kruthi, et KUMAR, Devarai Santhosh. Moringa oleifera: A review on nutritive importance and its medicinal application. Food science and human wellness, 2016, vol. 5, no 2, p. 49-56.
  2. #Parts used#

    Parts of moringa used

    At Natural Origins, we use the leaves of the botanical.
  3. #Quality#

    Quality of moringa

    Our ingredient is available in an exclusively organic grade. Indeed, during the research phase of our moringa sourcing, we wanted preserved land or plants grown in a 100% organically, in line with our environmental values.
  4. #Country of origin#

    Country of origin of moringa

    Our moringa comes from Senegal.
  5. #Harvest period#

    Moringa harvest time

    A fast-growing botanical, moringa can be harvested throughout the year, guaranteeing permanently fresh ingredients. Our raw material comes either from wild harvesting or from plantations in sandy and fertile clay soil where the moringa is irrigated by sprinkling.
  6. #Optimal availability period at Natural Origins#

    Optimal availability period of moringa at Natural Origins

    All year round.