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Melissa Officinalis L.

  1. #Properties#

    Properties of lemon balm

    Lemon balm (Melissea Officinalis L.) is an essential food supplement ingredient. It is a plant with a long tradition and a wide range of uses. Since ancient Greece times, lemon balm leaves have been used to improve digestive and nervous system functions. It is in fact recognized as having antispasmodic and antiviral properties in addition to being effective against anxiety. Lemon balm is often used in nutraceuticals but also in teas or infusions to facilitate digestion and sleep while helping to fight stress. It is also frequently associated with valerian, passion flower, hawthorn, hops, poppy and peppermint. The impact of lemon balm is linked to the presence of several active substances including rosmarinic acid, eucalyptol, methyleugenol, etc.

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  2. #Species and parts of the plant used#

    Species of lemon balm and parts of the plant used

    There are three natural subspecies of lemon balm: "Subsp. Officinalis ”, the most widely used," Subsp. Altissima ”with a scent closer to orange and" Subsp. Inodora » with little scent. The Officinalis subspecies we are describing here is native to Asia Minor. It spread to Western Europe in the Middle Ages, probably favored by Benedictine monks. It is now found in France in all departments. Only the Altissima subspecies is naturally present in Corsica. The part used in lemon balm is the leaf and, more generally, the aerial parts of the plant.

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  3. #Origin & quality#

    Origin and quality of lemon balm

    We provide solutions to guarantee a quality botanical ingredient, titrated and of French origin. Our producers have strong commitments and we have been able to establish a privileged relationship with them. It is through cultivation contracts that we can ensure stocks throughout the year while relying on their know-how and expertise in soil management. Based on this trusting relationship with these local producers, we can go even further by dedicating additional plots to guarantee quantities needed or by offering the possibility of choosing the field or region of France from where the raw material will come. We monitor this regularly through analyzes until we obtain representative samples with a titration that meets quality requests criteria. Lemon balm is indeed a bit special since it gives us two harvests in the year: the first in spring which ensures a high content of rosmarinic acid and the second at the end of the summer which provides exceptional essential oils. As the weather conditions are different at these two periods, each harvest therefore offers different active ingredients and positioning. It is therefore necessary to monitor the plant very closely and to take samples regularly until representative products are obtained with a titration allowing to qualify the batch. 

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  4. #Country of origin#

    Country of origin of lemon balm


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  5. #Harvest period#

    Harvest period of lemon balm

    May to October

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  6. #Best availability period at Natural Origins#

    Best availability period of lemon balm at Natural Origins

    February to April

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