Organic Guarana Seed Powder Extract 7% Caffeine

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Paullinia Cupana Kunth

  1. #Properties#

    Properties of guarana seed, a natural energizer

    Tropical plant of the Sapindaceae family and native to the central Amazon basin, Guarana (Paullinia cupana Kunth ex H.B.K. var. Sorbilis) has been used since pre-Columbian times by the Amerindians who already consumed extracts of roasted seeds. They used it in times of famine as a dietary alternative but also to relieve headaches, reduce cramps or even fever. The history of Guarana shows that it is surrounded by myths and legends because its different pharmacological properties are like a drug. Its discovery was made by the German botanist Christian-Franz Paullini in the 18th century; its vernacular name comes from the Indian "warana" meaning "fruit of youth".

    The Guarana seed, whose main substance is caffeine (sometimes called guaranine) has many virtues, it is a stimulant, aphrodisiac, invigorating, and a gastrointestinal protector. Renowned for its high caffeine content (four times that of coffee), Guarana seeds improve cognitive performance and help fight fatigue and drowsiness. The chemical study of Guarana highlights other compounds such as tannins and saponins.

    The medicinal and stimulating properties of the Guarana seed, especially for athletes, make this natural ingredient a health ally for both energy drinks and slimming food supplements. Indeed, the richest plant material in caffeine, Guarana promotes weight loss thanks to its diuretic and lipolytic properties and reduces the state of fatigue frequently observed during low calorie diets.

    Guarana seeds have the highest concentration of caffeine among plants with purine alkaloids in their composition. This considerable amount of caffeine on the other hand acts as a real cardiovascular, muscle and brain stimulant. The tannins present also strengthen the gastrointestinal system. naturally invigorating for the body and a superfood, Guarana improves mental capacities (memorisation, attention and concentration) and increases physical energy, hence its growing development in the stimulant market.

    Currently, Guarana seeds are widely used by the food and pharmaceutical industry for their concentration of nutrients: caffeine, tannins, vitamins, proteins, minerals.

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  2. #Species and parts of the plant used#

    Species and parts of guarana used

    A climbing shrub, perennial and woody, Guarana can measure up to 12 meters; its flowers are whitish yellow and its fruits orange-red. The used parts of the plant are the seeds contained in its fruits; round, purple-brown to black in colour, the seeds are surrounded by white. When the fruits are ready to open, we harvest Guarana, either in November or in December. The seeds are then dried according to 3 types of drying then bagged in natural fiber bags for ideal storage. They will then be transformed into multiple ingredients available in organic or conventional grade.

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  3. #Origin and quality#

    Origin and quality of guarana

    Exclusively of Brazilian origin, our Guarana comes mainly from the state of Amazonas but also from Rondonia, Mato Grosso and Bahia. Natural Origins collaborates for its production with a local partner whose cooperative, which brings together more than 50 local producers, practices organic farming techniques. It is established on family farms rooted in sustainable development zones where the cultivation model remains traditional. We only select products coming from regions far away from intensive farming production areas where no type of pesticides or genetically modified seeds are used.

    Thanks to our supply chain, we ensure organic certification and guarantee the traceability of our raw materials. A database allows you to check the quality of each fruit as well as the environmental conditions of production.

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  4. #Country of origin#

    Country of origin of Natural Origins' guarana


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  5. #Harvest period#

    Guarana harvest period

    November to January

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  6. #Period of optimal availability at Natural Origins#

    Period of optimal availability of guarana at Natural Origins

    March / April

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