Organic Green Coffee Seed Powder Extract <2.5% Caffeine

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Coffea Canephora Pierre ex a. Froehner and/or Coffea Arabica

  1. #Properties#

    Properties of green coffee

    The coffee tree, Coffea canephora and Coffea Arabica L, is a tree of the Rubiaceae family, discovered in Ethiopia around the 10th century. During the Muslim conquests, coffee trees spread to neighboring countries. In the 15th century, coffee was grown throughout the Arabian Peninsula. Finally, in the 17th century, Westerners discovered the coffee bean from the Ottomans. The coffee tree was then found in the Antilles, in Latin America and extends today to the tropical regions of Africa, South America and Asia, in the hot and humid equatorial zone called the "bean belt".

    Unlike black coffee, green coffee is not roasted and thus retains its natural virtues. The therapeutic properties of its green seeds are based on their chemical composition (1) rich in caffeine, trigonelline (80% lost if roasted), chlorogenic acid (2) (4 to 8% in green coffee compared to 1 to 3% in roasted black coffee), cafestol and kahweol, antioxidants absent from roasted coffee (3).

    Coffee is recommended for its slimming action because it stimulates metabolism, reduces the absorption of carbohydrates and facilitates weight loss through its detoxifying action. It has diuretic and digestive effects by increasing the secretion of enzymes. It has tonic power that fights against states of fatigue and loss of muscular tonus. Its chlorogenic acid with antioxidant potential promotes the fight against cellular aging. Green coffee energises and boosts brain activity (4).

    Because of its natural bitterness, green coffee is often consumed in capsules.

    (1) POISSON, J. Aspects chimiques et biologiques de la composition du café vert. In : 8. Colloque Scientifique International sur le Cafè28 Nov-3 Dic 1977) Abidjan (Costa de Marfil). Association Scientifique Internationale du Cafè, París (Francia), 1979.
    (2) PICTET, G. et BRANDENBERGER, H. Substances polyphénoliques des plantes: II. Séparation des acides phénoliques du café vert et du café rôti. Journal of Chromatography A, 1960, vol. 4, p. 396-409.
    (3) C.A.B. De Maria, L.C. Trugo, R.F.A. Moreira, M. Petracco, Simultaneous determination of total chlorogenic acid, trigonelline and caffeine in green coffee samples by high performance gel filtration chromatography, Food Chemistry, Volume 52, Issue 4 ,1995, Pages 447-449,ISSN 0308-8146,
    (4) HALER, Pol Nicolas Guy. Le café: les effets bénéfiques et néfastes sur la santé. Thčse de Doctorat en Pharmacie, Université de Lorraine, 2013, vol. 171.

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  2. #Species and parts used#

    Species and parts of green coffee used

    When harvesting coffee, Natural Origins selects the beans that are still green by removing the fleshy husk from the coffee seeds.

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  3. #Quality#

    Quality of green coffee

    Our green beans from Coffea canephora Pierre ex a. Froehner and Coffea Arabica L. from Central America coffee trees are harvested manually and mechanically.
    Natural Origins offers you four references of green coffee, three of which are organic:

    - Life Science & Nutrition: 
    Green coffee seeds PE 45% Chlorogenic Acids
    Organic Green Coffee Seed Dry Extract <2.5% Caffeine

    - Food & Beverage:  
    Organic Green Coffee Seed Dry Extract <2.5% Caffeine CWS
    Organic Green Coffee Seed PE TGE

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  4. #Country of origin#

    Country of origin of green coffee

    Mexico and Honduras

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  5. #Harvest period#

    Green coffee harvest time

    October, December and March

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  6. #Optimal availability period at Natural Origins#

    Optimal availability period of green coffee at Natural Origins

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