Organic Acerola Fruit PE 17% Vitamin C

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Malpighia Glabra L.

  1. #Properties#

    Properties of acerola

    Acerola is the best source of natural vitamin C. A nice health vitamin and health benefit. Acerola vitamin C level is 30 times greater than in reputed fruits like oranges. This superfruit has other nutritional properties: vitamin A levels, vitamin B group & minerals (iron, calcium, phosphorous, potassium & magnesium). Other powerful natural antioxidants are on the list of acerola active components. Combined with vitamin C, these nutrients support the acerola benefits and its interest for the nutraceutical products formulation and food supplement. Acerola extract as powder ingredient is notably an ideal ingredient to meet the growing demand of increasing numbers of consumers for naturalness.

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  2. #Species and part of the plant used#

    Species of acerola and part of the plant used

    Acerola is a fruit from a shrub and is native to tropical areas in South America & the Caribbean. The species considered from a botanical point of view is acerola 'Malpighia glabra'. This evergreen shrub grows multiple small flowers. In its place grow small 1 to 2 centimetres in diameter ovoid fruits. Acerola strongly resembles cherries, giving it the nick name "Barbadoscherry",  "Antilles cherry” or "country-cherry”. This small fruit with a tangy taste is harvested green or when ripe (it becomes red). This harvest choice depends on the period when it concentrates the maximum of vitamin C.

    For the best varieties, vitamin C content represents more than 2.5% of the weight of the fruit compared to a peeled orange which contains just  0.05%.

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  3. #Origin and quality#

    Origin and quality of acerola

    This fruit particularly thrives in the rich soil in warm and humid regions in Brazil. Natural Origins chose this country for its acerola sourcing. The stakeholders involved in the supply chain were selected based on their knowledge of the superfruit specific characteristics and their ancestral know-how and field expertise.

    Several qualities of extract exist on the market: from organic farming or not. With Vitamin C added (natural or synthetic) or with a native vitamin C titration.

    Acerola extract titrated at 17% relies on ideal dosing and optimal bioavailability. Vitamin C is maintained in its natural matrix and can be easily absorbed once it is in the organism. Fruits selection makes it possible to obtain higher levels of native vitamin C, up to 34%. 

    Several factors have a decisive influence on the acerola quality. From acerola new cultivation to the stabilising of active components, every stage of the production chain is crucial. These include varietal selection, the water status of the fruit tree, harvest time and harvest conditions to ensure high vitamin C levels as well as the nutritional benefits, the interval between the fruit harvest and the pressing that should be as short as possible, the pressing time and stabilization of the active component. Transformation conditions also have an influence because vitamin C is a very fragile active component. Natural Origins thus guarantees a premium supply chain by taking all these criteria into account. The most crucial stages to ensure the quality of acerola extracts are carried out within 24 hours following the harvest.

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  4. #Country of origin#

    Country of origin of acerola

    Brazil, State of Ceara

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  5. #Harvest period#

    Harvest period of acerola

    February to July (optimum)

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  6. #Best availability period at Natural Origins#

    Best availability period of acerola at Natural Origins


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