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Matricaria Chamomilla L.

  1. #Properties#

    Properties of matricaria chamomile

    By its scientific name Matricaria chamomilla L. the most familiar of the plants for its popular virtues is the matricaria chamomile. A small, common flower with a yellow heart and numerous white petals, matricaria chamomile belongs to the asteraceous herbaceous plant family. Widespread throughout Europe, it grows spontaneously in the countryside along paths or in fields and its scent is easily recognisable. This chamomile is also commonly called "German" chamomile.

    Matricaria chamomile has many applications, whether in herbal tea, decoction or in the form of essential oil. Mixed in certain compositions or pure, it has a very mild taste which improves sleep; twenty-six countries have this plant in their pharmacopoeia. It promotes restful sleep, reduces stress and tension, which is why it has been widely used in herbal teas and infusions. Thus more than a million cups of chamomile are said to be drunk daily in the world.

    The chemical active ingredients that make up matricaria chamomile are indeed powerful: coumarins, fructans, sesquiterpenes (including bisabolol) and azulenes, mucilage, essential oil and polyphenols containing flavonoids.

    Based on its natural substances, wild matricaria chamomile has anti-inflammatory and febrifuge properties, as well as healing properties, hence its external use for dermatological conditions. Its soothing virtues, its softening and skin regeneration properties make chamomile an ingredient with great potential in the field of well-being and body care with products such as lozenges, elixir, shampoos, aromatherapy, ointments etc ...

    Matricaria chamomile is also used in many pharmaceutical preparations and studies attest to its action on infantile colic and especially on depression and anxiety. (1,2,3,4,5,6) In herbal medicine, for example, its flower heads are used for their remarkable antispasmodic effects and in the treatment of digestive disorders.

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    4. de la Motte S, Bose-O'Reilly S, et al. Double-blind comparison of an apple pectin-chamomile extract preparation with placebo in children with diarrhea. [Article en allemand, résumé en anglais]. Arzneimittelforschung. 1997 Nov;47(11):1247-9. German.
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  2. #Parts used#

    Parts of matricaria chamomile used

    Matricaria chamomile has flowers united in flower heads usually harvested in full bloom and then dried. They have a strong characteristic odour and a bitter flavour. Our Life Science & Nutrition range contains chamomile references in the form of dry extracts of flowers with associated health benefits for sleep, stress and digestion. The "Food & Beverage” range offers a "Clear Water Soluble extract” solution with identical properties.

    Within our "Herbal & Teas” range, we reserve whole flowers and their corollas of radiating petals for our pyramid sachets or for bulk. We favour infusion cuts for mixtures with sleep or falling asleep health claims.

    We also offer relaxation formulas like our creation "Oh happy day", made with organic chamomile, mint and verbena. Natural Origins has also thought of children with a coloured preparation referenced "Papa chamomile".

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  3. #Origin & quality#

    Origin and quality of matricaria chamomile

    At Natural Origins we want to give you the choice of the origin of your raw materials which will restore the image and story of your product to consumers. Also, in order to provide you with a quality specific to each territory, our matricaria chamomile comes from three production areas that you will find in our catalog: Croatia, Egypt known for the honey taste of its chamomile, and France.

    Our "Made in France" chamomile comes from Anjou, a region that offers the most remarkable production of matricaria chamomile in France. In order to "act to preserve what the Earth has given us" for the "well-being of individuals", our local partners cultivate organic medicinal plants. Thanks to this quality agriculture without chemicals, they minimise the carbon impact and respect the surrounding ecosystem.

    Our French chamomile, devoid of contaminants, with a muted honey taste, remains very interesting in terms of the flavour it brings to products focused on pleasure, relaxation and well-being.

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  4. #Country of origin#

    Country of origin of Natural Origins' matricaria chamomile

    France, Egypt and Croatia

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  5. #Harvest period#

    Matricaria chamomile harvest time

    June to August

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  6. #Best availability period at Natural Origins#

    Period of optimal availability of matricaria chamomile at Natural Origins


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