Organic Echinacea Purp. Root Powder 300µm Heat Treated 0.5% chicoric ac.

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Echinacea Purpurea (L.) Moench

  1. #Properties#

    Properties of echinacea

    Known throughout the world, echinacea has been used as a medicinal plant for centuries. This species is native to the north of the United States and more specifically from Rocky Mountains. The plant has been used by native Americans against snake bites. Where its name "snake grass” comes from which became very popular in United States and Europe. That’s why echinacea is known for healing various infections and wounds. Today, the plant is widely used to prevent colds. More recently, echinacea has been allocated the capacity of reinforcing immune system defense mechanisms and helping prevent respiratory infections and the plant is in great demand in the context of COVID-19. Chicoric acid is one of the major active components of echinacea. With the presence of alkylamides and polysaccharides in its roots, echinacea is a wide spectrum immunodulator which reacts on innate and adaptive immunity responses as results of recent studies show.

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  2. #Species and part of the plant used#

    Species of echinaceas and part of the plant used

    Considered as an exceptional plant for its properties and characteristics, Echinacea purpurea, or purple echinacea, can be used for its roots or aerial parts. Natural Origins does not waste anything of its transformation into botanical ingredients and the whole plant is used. The harvest for the aerial part includes two cutting periods and the root is harvested every other year to give it time to regenerate.

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  3. #Origin and quality#

    Origin and quality of echinacea

    Echinacea comes from different countries in Europe. Natural Origins has set up organic crops with a French partner. It all started in 1998 in the hills in the Drome area. Echinacea didn’t exist yet in this region when our producer started to grow it. Snake grass begins to embellish the countryside with its lovely pink and purple flowers and the plant is unaffected by pests: insects, disease and fungus. Native to the rocky soils of the Rockies in United States, the plant has adapted perfectly to the Drome region and its hillsides with its stony soil created by the erosion of glaciers. Our partner proposes outstanding organic raw materials through his sound knowledge of this plant, his mastery of his land, his work and his sound knowledge of echinacea.

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  4. #Country of origin#

    Country of origin of echinacea

    Purple echinacea aerial part: France and rest of Europe
    Purple echinacea root: France and rest of Europe

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  5. #Harvest period#

    Harvest period of echinacea

    Purple echinacea aerial part: May to October
    Purple echinacea root: August to November

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  6. #Best availability period at Natural Origins#

    Best availability period of echinacea at Natural Origins

    Purple echinacea aerial part: January
    Purple echinacea root: May

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